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Famous youtuber  MrBeast created a virtual restaurant called MrBeast Burger, to deliver burgers  to your doorstep

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Clients submit their requests through an application until now that was the only option but,

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After success in the virtual kitchen, he opened his physical Mr. Beast burger near me restaurant.

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Before they'd even flipped on the open sign at the new venture, in excess of 10,000 clients had lined up outside.

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MrBeast Burger outlet opening had broken the record for "most burgers sold in a day by a solitary eatery." Accordingly, Guinness World Records

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As per Forbes, Mr Beast Networth is $54 Millions

How much money does Mr Beast have?

In January 2022, Forbes positioned MrBeast as YouTube's most noteworthy.

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Mr Beast merch is also available on

The MrBeast sells — chocolate, almond chocolate, and quinoa crunch chocolate.

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Born on 7th May 1998, he is now 24 years old

How old is Mr Beast?

He had his most memorable YouTube channel early in his life of 13 named "MrBeast6000."

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Maddy Spidell?

Who is Mr Beast's Girlfriend?

Maddy Spidell is the sweetheart of the popular American YouTuber MrBeast otherwise known as Jimmy Donaldson

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