College Dropout

He is a college dropout, Gautam Adani exited college in his second year to pursue his pioneering dreams.

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Self Made Man

He worked with Mahindra Siblings as a jewel sorter for 2-3 years then, at that point, set up his own precious stone financier and made his initial million at 20 years old.

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He owns a Rs 400-crore property in Delhi called Adani House | Adani is the owner of one of the costliest residences in India’s capital.

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Family Donation

Gautam Adani's dad Shantilal Adani, and Gautam's 60th birthday celebration, the Adani Family has resolved to give Rs 60,000 crore to a scope of social causes.

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The Adani gathering's joined borrowings are about Rs 2.21 lakh crore starting around 2022, as per a report in Moneycontrol.

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Terrorist Attack Survivors

On November 26, 2008, he ate at the Taj lodging when psychological militants went after him. He concealed in the storm cellar and later got away when the commandos came.

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Second Richest in the World

Gautam Adani has become second richest person in the world after Jeff bezos.

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