List of the super-rich who saw their fortune vanish

Allen Stanford Lost- $2.2 billions obtained through badly gotten gains by means of the second-biggest Ponzi plot in history

Elizabeth Holmes Lost- $4.5 BILLION She and her organization were accused of "huge extortion" and her total assets was listed at zero by Forbes

BERNARD Madoff Lost- $65 BILLION charged and conceded to duping people, running the biggest Ponzi plot on record over twenty years

Eike Batista Lost- $30 BILLION compelled to pay gigantic obligations to the bank as his energy-related domain fell, at last petitioning for financial bankruptcy.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Lost- $2.5 BILLION known as Catwoman because of the extreme work done to her face,  $1 million  a month spending

Aubrey McClendon Lost- $1.2 BILLION losing his billions when he was prosecuted on charges of planning to fix offers for oil and gas leases

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