Mega Millions jackpot

A ticket for the second-biggest Mega Millions big stake at any point was offered, netting the victor near $1.34 billion.

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The ticket was bought from a Speedway service station in Des Plaines, around a 20-mile drive northwest of downtown Chicago

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There's only one issue: The champ hasn't gotten their tremendous award yet.

The ticket hit the top award in the drawing around the same time.

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Yet, as of August 30, the big stake actually hasn't been guaranteed, Meghan Powers, head of correspondences at the Illinois Lottery, told CNN.

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lottery authorities said it's normal for huge award champs to hold on to gather their income.


The lottery instructs victors to sign the back regarding their ticket and store it securely, counsel proficient monetary and legitimate guidance about their rewards, and afterward call the lottery hotline to organize an opportunity to guarantee their award.

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